Cruian the Humble

Reformed Cleric of Erathis


An eldery man with short grey hair and an umistakeable zeal in his blue eyes, Cruian stands at about 5'5", and weighs a modest 140lbs.  He decks himself in the robes of his congregation, and wears Erathis' seal on his chest proudly.  Young at heart, he may be mistaken for a man half his age when seen in the thick of combat, or attempting acrobatic stunts to achieve difficult goals. 


Cruian spent his youth attempting to placate his boundless energy and short temper by throwing himself into every fray he came across.  He finally met his match in a drawn out offensive between the human city of Sarnath and the neighboring copper dragonborn town of Guath'rock.  Over the course of several bloody months, both cities had been mostly evacuated, their armies decimated and land ruined.  Cruian fell in battle to a Dragonborn warlord named Krick and only a powerful magic amulet kept his body in repose for centuries.  Trekking through the ruins of the ancient battlefield, several clerics of Erathis discovered a small cave with a severely dessicated yet still living corpse, whom they immediately took under their care.  Over the next months, Cruian learned to give his efforts to creation instead of destruction, and put away his armour and weapons to become a cleric of Erathis.  Now, at effectively sixty years of age, he has embarked on a holy pilgrimmage to aid those in need and spread the word of Erathis, and also to pay back his deep debt to the copper dragonborn for nearly wiping them out centuries ago.

Cruian the Humble

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